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ORIGINAL watercolor of a Halloween pumpkin

Image of ORIGINAL watercolor of a Halloween pumpkin
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how about this guy for a happy jack-0-lantern!

image measures 6 x 6 inches, and is mounted on a 7/8 of an inch wooden cradle.

artist reserves ALL rights.

signed with signature and title on the back.

this painting will be shipped flat rate, via USPS priority mail.

my work...

i love the idea of the things, words and experiences that fill us up. the thoughts in our heads as we move through our days.
what stands behind us to make us who we are. our history. our future. ESPECIALLY how things smash together to make new things (like an inaccurate memory). my artwork is based on these concepts.

i start with layers, sometimes the layers are simple and i chose them because of words that are floating around on the page, words i plan to highlight later. on other occasions i will chose a piece because of a pattern or maybe just the weight of the words, at other times i will chose a page solely based on it's title or maybe the handwriting someone has left behind. i find this part to be a very organic

it is in the layers where i find the painting. i know this may sound surprising or even weird, but i don't approach the page with a plan... the plan forms itself as i create the layers. the words and notions floating around on the page tell me what is going to be happening when it is time to draw.

once my sketch is in place i apply the ink. the next step is to add watercolor, colored pencil... marker. you name it! finally i outline the piece in white acrylic paint... and if i am lucky, i call it done.

Please respect my intellectual property and do not copy anything on this site.

artist reserves ALL rights